solar power generation system | solar panel installation in India


The project has a outlay of setting up 1 Mega Watt Solar PV power plant on the lands being offered by the farmers in remote areas which are not tillable. We require 5 Acres for setting up a 1 MW Solar power plant, This project has been considered at a cost of INR 6,00,00,000/ (Rupees Six Crores only). In PPP model we have proposed to the willing Farmers to lease their lands for a period of 30 years and be a part of the project by contributing 1% of the costs for the same. This contribution of 1% shall be treated as equity part from the farmers and equivalent shares shall be issued to them while the balance of 99% expenses shall be borne by the company. Our company shall have a irrevocable notarised agreement with for a period of 25 years. The company shall be entering into Electricity sale agreement with Govt agencies and/or Private parties for the use of the electricity generated and fed to the National Grid. The partnership shall be beneficial to the farmers by way of a regular income source on a monthly basis from the installation and commissioning date as well as sale date. The sharing of The profits shall be on the basis of 30% to the Farmer and 70% to the company after deduction of ail the costs Incurred for the generation of the Solar power.

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